VRviz is a new VR tool for XIX century stereoscopic image database visualization  

Production: MovLab / Hei-Lab
University Lusófona

About Us

Co-creation, we must stand up initiative bandwidth silo, low-hanging fruit revolutionary justice emerging. Bandwidth strengthening infrastructure, thought partnership program area shared value best practices.


Research Team:

Filipe Luz, Victor Flores, Rodrigo Peixoto, Ana David

VR Design:

Filipe Luz

Tomás Franco

VR programming:

Tomás Franco


Filipe Luz

Tomás Franco

Sound Design:

Stereoscopic editing:

Filipe Luz


MovLab (www.movlab.ulusofona.pt)

Special Thanks to:

To Denis Pelerin for the super duper references and share of his amazing knowledge.

To University Lusófona for the technical and project support.

To CICANT and Hei-Lab Research Units.